Sunday, March 27, 2011

AFK, Hospital!

It's the end of March, and I'm certainly not where I thought I would be a couple months ago.

I saw March as the crazy time before exams, but still a time to play WoW, drink beer, get ready for being done my second last year of school but things never go as planned.

Here I am, in the hospital. I have Chron's Disease and I'd been feeling pretty shitty since October, losing weight since December and getting physically sick since the end of January. The tipping point was last weekend. We called my GI team and told them I was coming in to the ER. Mom and I packed up some things and we ended up getting a bed that day, and an MRI within the next two days.

Things aren't ideal, we have the results of the MRI back and it's looking like 2-4 weeks on IV nutritional therapy to prep for surgery. Four years ago I had emergency surgery for a similar trend of bad happenings, and the subsequent scarring from that surgery is where the active disease is which means, drugs can't fix that. So surgery it is.

April is a busy month for me. Exams. A wedding. Luckily, the surgeon is on my side for waiting because I'm pretty undernourished and he wants me to have the best recovery possible by prepping with IV nutrition for a while. That means I can do exams AND go to this wedding that I am so psyched for and do NOT want to miss.

Needless to say, I'm not actively raiding. If I'm able to have the IV therapy at home, I can raid! And the docs don't want me to have to be here for a month, so it's in my favour for having a sweet portable IV backpack machine! Mwahaha!

That's what's been going on. Hooray life? I'm bored out of my tree!

In other news, HIMYM is an amazing show that is excellent for watching back to back to back to back.