Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BlizzCon Excitement!

Image from BlizzCon 2013 website

Ah, BlizzCon.

This year, my boyfriend and I were determined to go - as soon as we found out what our tax returns would be. We (or I) nervously waited to hear back and Friday night before the second batch of tickets went out, we knew we would be able to make it.

Saturday, the excitement grew and grew on Twitter. We checked and double checked (and checked again) to make sure our information was correct, that we had a payment method ready and we downloaded Google Chrome for the faster reload time on the website - Thanks Rhidach!

The time counted down, we had all the pages open and ready. 3 minutes to 1pm I started refreshing the ticket page. There were a few times where it seemed like the website had to pick up its socks and handle the influx of hopeful gamers. Otherwise, the reload time was much faster than my go-to browser.

Suddenly, BOOM! The checkout box! In the wrong place! Argh! We clicked through and found ourselves at a respectable 1740 and 1860 - clearly Chronis is faster at clicking than I am, but I blame the checkout box being moved.

We breathed a sigh of relief, but watching the stock tick down so fast was disconcerting. We communicated with another couple to see if they we getting their tickets at the time too. Then, as we waited we debated picking up an extra ticket. We ended up grabbing three total (the other couple did as well) and now there's two more people from our guild who can make it. The excitement of the whole process was new for us but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish we could have grabbed more tickets for people but even one extra was stretching the limit.

Just a snippet of the excitement on Twitter

We haven't booked hotels or flights yet, but we're looking at the same place we stayed two years ago and this time we'll probably drive into Buffalo for way cheaper flights. Seriously, flight prices to California from Ontario are just ridiculous.

I'm really looking forward to meeting up with my guildmates, there's at least 10 of us going and last time we had a blast hanging out and drinking by the pool (bar) together. I'm looking forward to the opening ceremony, seeing all the cosplay, and sitting in on more panels. There's been some talk of ALL THE TANKS getting together so that will probably consist of all the awesome tanks I follow/read blogs of and then me in the corner being shellshocked.

I missed the costume contest last year, so I'm going to make it my mission to get there and see it this year. I'm looking forward to all the meetups and I'm planning on finding all the druids (and former druids) I can. I also want to meet as many people from Twitter as possible. There are people I want to meet that I've met via Twitter and I'm so glad so many of us can make it. Ceraphus put together this huge Twitter list of all the attendees that we know of https://twitter.com/Ceraphus/blizzcon2013 . Go check it out!

Topping off this post, I have a code for a Lil XT that was given to me (last August, for shame) by Opheron on Twitter. If you're going to BlizzCon, watching via the Virtual Ticket or waiting to hear what the news is, leave a comment here about what you're looking forward to this year at BlizzCon! If you don't want the pet, but still want to leave a comment that's ok! Just let me know in your comment. I'll announce the winner via my blog and on Twitter May 14th.

Are you waiting for news about Titan? Looking for new costumes to drool over? Anticipating WoW news? Excited to meet anyone in particular? Hoping to catch Ghostcrawler at breakfast? Hoping to hear about something I missed?

 Let me know and you'll have a chance to win a Lil XT - I hear he's a great battle pet to have!

** I won't be accepting any more entries after May 12th at 12:00pm. One entry per person, even if you comment multiple times. I'll choose the winner via a random draw.