Monday, November 15, 2010

New computer and a new post!

Suppose I better get started on this blogthing.

I meant to get started much sooner, but my gaming computer got eaten by a virus... I found out that my boyfriend was planning on getting me a tower and then he'd give me his old monitor/videocard/powersupply.
So here I am, gaming computer and all.

Yes, those are Bose speakers+ subwoofer.
Of course, I'll still keep my macbook for school stuff, but this PC is my new toy. I don't really know anything about it other than it makes WoW look goooooood.
I don't really do technical things. I let the man handle that stuff.

Ahhh, beautiful!
What this meant then, was that I needed to redo my UI. Hnnnnnnng  /dead.
But! After many hours of what should have been school assignment time, I have my UI configuerd to what I  feel mostly comfortable with. Ta-Da!
I'll put a list of addons and the like up in my UI tab if anyone is interested. There's a few addons "missing" here, but I plan on taking a 'raid' screenshot sometime this week (ie; Friday).

Side note: I'm in the Beta but I haven't had much time to play on it. Once I have a minute, I'll post some thoughts and pictures. Maybe. We'll see.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey! Pretty nice set up you got there, lady. :)

    - Keese

  2. Haha, thanks! How'd you find me? I didn't think anyone really knew about this yet!

  3. I have my ways... *creepy smile*

    No, really, it was by luck. But then I was all happy and stuff.

    I'm here to support your great blogging adventure!