Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Six Thing

I'm finally able to get around to doing this. Cymre over at Bubbles of Mischief tagged me in this post to participate in the new 'thing' that's been going around lately.

Unfortunately all the really cool screenshots I had have been wiped when my PC died a few weeks ago, so I really had no motivation to do this. But I figured why not, and decided to check what screenshots I did have.

The rules:
1. Go into your image folder (or screenshot / WoW folder)
2. Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image (or if you’re like some others with one huge folder, try six down and six across)
3. Publish the image! (writing a word or two about it wouldn’t go astray either)
4. Tag six new bloggers and watch them squirm (GL with finding six who haven’t been tagged yet) 

I checked out my WoW folder and found this:

This is my hunter Missdirect doing an LFR with a few friends of mine.

Not too interesting so I checked my image folder:

My druid in her transmog set  (feral)

Finally, I checked my desktop background folder and BAM:

Glorious Mass Effect
Quick edit here; I won't be tagging anyone else with this - the people I would have chosen have already done this by the time I got these up.

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