Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Cataclysm is nigh!

It's December 5th.
I have a paper due tomorrow and a final on Friday, but all I can think about is logging on at 3:00am est and being one of the first people to play in the new world. My Dad pre-ordered the expansion for himself, me and my boyfriend (for Christmas! I love you Dadders!) so we are all set to go.

A guildie of mine posted what he's doing to prepare for the leveling grind:
1. Grabbed some flasks and Elixirs just to make things a bit easier.
2. Fill the quest log with Icecrown Dailies to turn in once the level cap is increased (its easy to have 25 ready to turn in).
3. Clearing bank space for new mats, food, fish, quest goodies.
4. Vendoring old gear that he won't realistically use (bye bye Frost Resist crap!)
5. Bought a Mining Bag to save ore.
6. Leveled Mining to 450.
7. Set Hearthstone to Stormwind so he can head to Vash'jir quickly
8. Started doing the new Cooking Dailies in SW for Cata tokens.
9. Maxed out Justice Points and Honor Points.
He's also really, really, into leveling. He was the first in my previous guild to 80, he was so close to being server first death knight too. Crazy man.

I can't afford to be a crazy fast leveler and it always seems to be some plot of Blizzard's to screw over every university student by releasing expansions during FINALS TIME, RAAAAAGGGHHHH. Ahem. Anyway, I'm planning on taking some time soon during a paper-writing break to look at some starter gear/reputation items but I'm unsure when I'll do that... hnnng research papers... .

I've got time to play Cataclysm after the 16th though! But... knowing me and my study habits, I'll be playing before then.

Curse you, Blizzard!

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