Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Common Courtesy - Running Back

I was healing a dungeon for a guild member today, when she remarked that a dps wasn't running back after a boss wipe. "Lazy", she said. I agreed with her in guild chat, and another guild member said that he only runs back for the first two wipes and then, if it wasn't his fault that the group wiped, he waits for a rez.

This is not OK to me.

First, he was being incredibly rude about it, as if it would be my JOB to rez him if he didn't fuck up the run/boss attempt. No. It's my job to heal the group and keep up the tank. My job is not rezzing you if we, as a group die. We run dungeons together, and not singularly. As a TEAM. Even if you personally didn't cause the wipe, you're still part of the group. I don't care if you're the best (or worst!) dps, you are one of five people, just like me.

It's akin to expecting a summon after being given ample time to arrive. Everyone else got there, why didn't you? What makes you more important than the 4/9/24 other people who arrived on time?

Second, it's polite and respectful to run back after the entire group has died. Nothing makes you more special than the other two dps who were in the party. In fact, not running back and being a dick about it can (and will) result in a group kick from me. Say hello to your 40minute queue again. Running back (in my mind) shows your commitment to the group, and if you're not running back "just because" then you're not part of the team.

A second guild member piped up and said that she SS's the healers if she wants a rez. That's fine by me. If you're the cause of me not running back, I'll return the favour.

If you're busy with a kid, or you need to afk for a minute or something after a wipe, a whisper to me asking for a rez is alright. The fact that you assume I will rez you is a no-no in my books. I do not appreciate you abusing my ability to rez. What if *I* had to run afk? Who would rez me? No one. I'd be expected to run back before or after I had to step away. (Unless there's a pally/shaman/druid/another priest - and I ASKED them).

To conclude; I don't care if you don't want to run back after a death. I'm not rezzing your lazy ass.

 /end rant


  1. My stance as a healer has always been this:

    If I run, you run.

    Of course, if you have to step away for a minute or whatever, that's fine, but if I've released and I'm running back and I see on my grid that you are DEAD and not a ghost, I will say:

    /p Run back, please.

    Usually that's enough to do it. If it's not, I say again:

    /p Please run back. When your healer runs, you run, too.

    If that doesn't do it, I will probably aim a vote kick for their face.

  2. Favorite set of quotes as of yet on this topic...
    "Why aren't you running back?"
    "Can't be bothered, res please"
    "I can't be bothered to res you, run back please"

  3. Where do I sign?

    Of course I'm in full agreement; that's a crappy thing to do no matter what role you are.

    If they want to be stubborn about it, well, I can be stubborn too.