Monday, January 3, 2011

You have been removed from the group. ..."What?"

Happy New Year!

I cannot believe how fast my time off from school has gone. Classes start tomorrow! Ah!
Since my last post I've driven my boyfriend to the airport, had Christmas, Boxing Day, picked him back up from the airport, had a birthday, and celebrated the new year. Ooof. Not to mention still having a good time in Azeroth doing heroics and getting that damn Magmaw kill (with an achievement, woo!).

My first story is this: Heroic Grim Batol.
I decided that before I went to bed one night that I would like to get my random heroic in for the day. "Couldn't be that bad", I thought. So I clicked my random queue and the dungeon pops In Progress. "No problem, can't be that bad", I thought. I zone in to Grim Batol (which I have not healed completely on regular OR heroic). Grand. The other four people here are in the same guild, and tell me that the last healer didn't have any gems or enchants. Alright, valid kick reason.

I'm staring Forgemaster Throngus in the face, and I turn to my boyfriend (who didn't want to do a random so I blame him for this run!) and asked what the hell this boss did. So he explained, and after a few attempts, we get him down. Gradually making our way to Dragha Shadowburner, I noticed the group used lots of CC, but that the tank liked to break it. No problem, I can power my way through a few shitty pulls. So I think I'm doing pretty damn good, being new to this place and all.

Enter boss-orc. Boyfriend again explains the boss fight to me, making note of the elementals (and that you should run from them, or die) and the fire cone from the dragon that eats almost the whole area BUT you can avoid it if you simply stand behind the boss when the fire announcement appears. Perfect! Two avoidable mechanics, we should be golden.

First pull, it's going well until a fire breath noms all three ranged dps. Okay... .
Next pull, it's going well until an elemental catches me during a fire breath because I'm too busy healing the stupid ranged who are still standing in the fire.
"Elemental got u", says the mage. Yes, I say, after the fire breath destroyed the three ranged. "Yeah". What do you MEAN yeah?! Do you mean "Yeah I know" or is that a whatever 'yeah'? UGH.

At this point, two of them linked some vent information. But didn't say anything about it. Just linked the server, port and password. Mkay. I'm not getting on some vent with four people who are probably all dudes and will just flip out when they hear a GIRL on vent.

Third pull, going well and then after a fire breath that clips the ranged to 20% health EACH some shadow bolts kill two of them while I'm healing the tank.
So now I'm getting angry. This is perfectly avoidable damage and not my fault. So I say (very politely, given my mood), "Could you guys move closer to the dragon? This way you can run behind her faster when she flame breaths. It'll save a lot of mana and make the groups health more stable." I resurrect the mage and warlock (since he ss'd me, it was polite, I thought) and eat my food buff while the others run back.

I notice something. Silence. Not that they were a talkative bunch, but when I ask a question or make a suggestion I don't like when it goes unanswered. Especially when I know I'm right, damnit. I'm about to type it out again when the party lead changes. Uh oh.

I knew what was coming. "They're going to kick me?!" Bam. You have been removed from the group.

No explanation, no "Sorry Kal, we don't think you can do this" or even "We have a guild healer who wants to come in". Nothing. I mean, I've kicked people before but I ALWAYS give them a reason why. Example; "Sorry <tank>, but you don't have the gear yet for Heroic SFK. Try running a few more of some other place and try again in the future." Something like that.
Unless they're a total douchenozzle, then whatevz, see you later.

I get the votekick option. It's a decent failsafe for shitty PuGs. But I am not a shitty PuG. I buff, have my own buff food, carry elixirs, heal dumbshit dps, heal undergeared tanks and I don't gripe. Much. I ask for CC if we need it. I ask for dps to not stand in the bad. But I have never, ever been kicked from a group for making the suggestion that they not stand in the bad shit.

I've had better starts to a new year.

In other news, 25 man raiding starts this week (TOMORROW) for Apotheosis. I cannot stress how excited and relieved I am to be starting to raid again.

Also, I have a camel. So cute!


  1. First, I was afraid to ask since it didn't seem like you were okay with spamming your blog info all over the guild site and forums, but I'm glad I found you - yay for another blog on my reader, and holy crap, yay for not another "these posts are boring, I'll just skim it" blog!

    Second, sorry you got kicked, though they probably saved you a good hour of repair bills and a dazzling amount of fail. I've pugged a fair amount of heroics myself this expansion, and the amount of stupidity and utterly BAD playing I've come across is really staggering. It's not just me, it's other people, too!

    And third, yay on the camel!

    /adds to feed reader


  2. Mmm, camels make everything better.

    Sorry for the miserable pug - one of the things I've found about running Cata heroics is that you really really have defend yourself so as not to get labelled "the one who is sucking here." I guess it's just easiest to blame the healer because, hey, if people are dying it's because they aren't getting healz, right? It's annoying having to be so defensive but it drives me absolutely batshit that people seem to have no idea, half the time, what caused a wipe to happen.

    And that fight is chronic for it. I've occasionally had people ask "why no heals" when they've blown up by an elemental. And you'd think an enormous spew of bright purple dragon breath would be pretty easy to avoid but no. Apparently not.

    I think what I personally find most frustrating about situations like this - and I've been in a few, pugs being what they are - is that you just know there's some guild on other server bitching to themselves about their crappy healer. And it shouldn't matter that a bunch of idiots you'll never see again are doing that.

    But, y'know, healer pride.

  3. @Dar
    Heyyy I'm glad you found me ;) Thanks for the kind words lady!

    Well hello! It's true, camels just make people happy. I think it's the way that they jump. Or chew. Either way, ha ha!

    It's one of the few crappy PuGs I've had, since I tend to cozy myself in with the guild when I do heroics, so I wasn't surprised really, just kind of disappointed.

    Healer Pride!